Saturday, 29 August 2009

Welcome Our To Community

Thursday morning well spent re launching POOT at Finzean Primary School. For the last six months both schools have been without permanent head teachers and we felt they had enough to do without embracing our poetry, drawing and photography competition. However an opportunity arose so I Whizzed in to tell the children about the project and on the way decided we could combine a welcome to Mrs Julie Hughson -our new head teacher - with a little bit of art work, a press release and something nice for the exhibition. Gave each child in the upper stages class room a seemingly random letter to draw and decorate which with a bit of re-jiggling spells out "Welcome our to Community"" -somebody might have pointed it out! -I felt enough like Joyce Grenfield as it was!
The letter will now be laminated and strung together to hang in the church for the exhibition.
Strachan school will have a similar visit on Monday.

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