Monday, 18 January 2010

Update Monday 18th January....

Ten more sleeps until the dress rehearsal! -it's all becoming very exciting - thanks to Davie Hector the set is extremely robustly built and Maree Christie has been busy with her paint brush along with Emma & Rachel Lawson and Heather Cowie.
Sunday was a fun day at the hall as the backdrop is now up, primed and stretched and I'm ridiculously pleased with the results - I hope everyone else likes it!
We spent Sunday afternoon in a slow run through with - for the very first time one scene following another in the correct order -and trying very hard to make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be at a particular time. The singing is coming along - just crucial that words are secured - and with Alison doing a little (and in some cases a know who you are.....)prompting we mosied through the script. In our first scene my heart is bursting with pride as it youngest stars are very nearly word perfect -and it's a long scene too - I suppose they don't have tax returns to fill in or have to worry about the weather for that matter!
Scene 2 we are now searching for a replacement postie - as our proposed star has had to withdraw....Im beginning to get the feeling folk are avoiding me again, someone told me on Friday her husband had wanted to speak to me about something but wasn't going to telephone incase I talked him into it!!
Scene 3 and my fishermen - David having slipped on ice was in a great deal of pain but soldiered on! -and Fin got his lines out without dissolving into giggles for once.Most excitingly of all in the prop department our very own professional set designer Frankie Collier has made the most awsome fish head for the school scene. Diana has done a really GREAT job in choreographing the teenage "chicks" and my lady moppettes have done an awsome job of choreographing themselves

Fingers crossed it's going as well as can be expected!......and hurrah Ive just found a postie -that's the lesson - there are no problems only opportunities!

Friday, 15 January 2010

The Locksmith's Wife

On Thursday 11th February at 7.30pm there is a play called "The Locksmith's Wife" coming to Finzean Hall. Tickets are £8 for adults and £6 for concessions and are available by sending us an email or contacting Jane Winton on 013398 86955 or Wendy Hector on 01330 850453. To find out more about the play click on the following link

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow business like show business!

Despite the biggest and heaviest prolonged snowfall for years -rehearsals are currently in full swing for the performances planned for Friday 29th January and Saturday 30th at 7pm and Sunday 31st at 2.30pm. Tickets, £5 and £3 concessions are available now from Jane , Wendy and Phil .
So far we have bought the new community staging that converts into tiered seating - and for these performances we have hired Tullynessle Hall's -so we will have tiered seating AND extra staging!-Our kit will be available for hire too.
We have installed a 4m wide retractable projector screen and 4 lighting bars to accommodate the (nearly) all singing and dancing lighting system.
We are very soon to install a projector box under one of the beams and Maree has made a fantastic job of painting out the whole back of stage area in Oxford blue. This gives us a uniform back drop, smartens and unifies the stage area and looks great with the Farquharson tartan and pitch pine in the rest of the hall.
Due to the fact that this is very much about the taking part we are doing our best to accommodate a really splendidly large community chorus - of around 50 stars - it's quite a number to manage but they are doing a great job learning lots of new words to old tunes, all the movement we are working in and even a poem in broad Scots dialect -or at least an excerpt from The Muckle Spate. The set build is almost done and painting of all that commences this weekend, the programme in at first proof stage, the invitations to 520 households went out yesterday - I'm trying not to think of everything that needs to be done (or at least not all at once) in just 21 days!!