Saturday, 9 October 2010

Doorways in Drumorty


Thursday 28th October

Finzean Hall at 7.30pm

Doorways to Drumorty presented by Red Rag Theatre Company.

Set in the North East of Scotland and based on the writings of Lorna Moon, the lass from Strichen who went on to become the highest paid Hollywood writer of her era.
During the last part of her life, Lorna wrote a series of short stories, subsequently published as Doorways - which caused controversy in her native Aberdeenshire, with many of the locals recognising themselves amongst the thinly disguised characters.
The play interweaves the stories (both humourous and poignant) of many of Drumorty's more colourful and interesting characters to provide a fascinating and entertaining slice of life in North East Scotland in the 1920's.

Tickets £8 / Conc £6 available from Mel on 01330 850674


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