Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Here is another (professional) theatre company doing something similar to us!

Mixing historical fact, fiction, myth and invention 'Playing a round with Shakespeare' embarks on a comical journey that takes in the history of golf, witchcraft, ancestry and the story of Macbeth - with a drop of whisky thrown in for good measure.
James VI of Scotland is now James I of England. As a true Scot he introduces the game of golf - a Scottish invention - to England. William Shakespeare is at the peak of his popularity and a favourite with the king. In order to keep on the right side of his king, Shakespeare reluctantly agrees to accompany James, who has a keen interest in ancestry and witches, on a homecoming golfing trip to Forres.

Shakespeare hates the game and as he struggled through the wind and rain Shakespeare's mind starts to turn to evil thoughts, plotting to kill his king with a blow to the head from a five iron. But, realising which side his bannock is buttered, Shakespeare finds an outlet for his frustration and misery in a new play, set in Scotland in which a lord murders his king in order to claim the throne and fulfill his destiny at the same time. Perhaps with a suitable ending showing James's lineage the play will take the King's mind off golf!

Touring to:
Royal British Legion, Buckie - Wednesday 11th November - 7.30pm
New Deer Public Hall - Friday 13th November - 7.30pm
Edinvillie Community Hall, nr Aberlour - Saturday 14th November - 7.30pm *PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN VENUE*
Warehouse Theatre, Lossiemouth - Wednesday 18th November - 8.00pm