Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Sporting Chance

Thursday 24th May at 7pm in Finzean Hall


Brought to us by Cartoon Theatre.

This show will coincide with the ever increasing wave of enthusiasm and publicity for the Olympics. Follow our hero with his lucky ticket as he tries to beat his own personal best on his journey to the stadium. He encounters every conceivable form of sport and athletics and we use every visual trick in the book to make a hilarious and dazzling piece of theatre.

Tickets Adults £8, Conc £6, £20 family ticket of 4 - max 2 adults

By The Seat of Your Pants

Wednesday 16th May at 7pm in Finzean Hall


Nothing to be done and nothing to do, Fritz, Franz and Rudy sit and wait. Expectation! Hope! Boredom! Delight! Not to take things sitting down, they put their best feet forward to make the grade and avoid a kick in the pants. A hilarious exploration of relationships, slapstick and chairs as three men await their fate By the Seat of Their Pants brought to us by the company Pluto La Vie.

With the support of NEAT

Tickets Adults £8, Conc £6, £20 family ticket of 4 - max 2 adults

Wicked Willie Wolf

Thursday 19th April at 6pm in Finzean Hall


Willie is an outrageous but lovable rogue whose interests include food, motorbikes and rock ‘n’ roll. He plans to eat Granny and Red Riding Hood but fails miserably because of his unreliable motorbike. Luckily Granny is a good mechanic. Unluckily she is not a good will it end? Happily of course, if the audience helps! A riotous and funny show which everyone will love and enjoy!

Part of Puppet Animation Festival & with support of NEAT

Tickets Adults £6, Conc £4, £15 family ticket of 4 - max 2 adults

Monday, 26 March 2012


Thursday 12th April at 7pm in Finzean Hall
Film Night - The Illusionist

Part of the Puppet Animation Festival and sponsored by NEAT

“a delicious smorgesbord of drama, comedy, fun and high detail. It's a slow cooking story for those who want to really savor a film. It's like watching a framed painting come to life!
An outdated, ageing magician is forced to wander the country in search of a stage to perform his act. He meets Alice, a teenage girl entranced by his magic and they form a strong father-daughter relationship.
The French animation director, Sylvain Chomet, paints this charming tale against the nostalgic backdrop of 1950s Scotland

£3 come along and pay at the door

See the youtube trailer :